Clean Up Your Windows Registry HP® Tech Takes

A power cut can make part of the registry go unsaved, upsetting the hierarchical structure. More urgently, malware might have gained access to your registry. If you think that’s happened, use malware removal software immediately. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE — contains passwords, boot files, software installation files, and security settings. This hive is abbreviated as HKLM and is the most critical hive. Registry keys are containers that act like folders, with values or subkeys contained within them.

Click or tap the Start Menu button in the lower left-hand corner of the Windows 10 desktop and select the Settings icon. Choose Personalization from the list of settings and select the Colors item found in the left-hand navigation menu. If you have “Shared” computers, you could consider setting ZCM on them to use a common local Windows Account. Perhaps one that has a Mandatory Profile that resets on logoff. Setting up the Mandatory Profile would not be a ZENworks specific thing….only setting the DLU policy to use a specific local account for all users and having that user’s profile be mandatory.

  • The Google system and user apps are some of the worst offenders.
  • When the likes of you and me want to configure our Windows settings, we’re expected to use the friendly graphical interfaces built into Windows, such as the PC Settings app libexpat.dll is missing from your computer or the Device Manager.
  • Check our guide to find out all of the specifications of your PC, including the motherboard.
  • There is nothing wrong with downloading new programs or installing new updates, but it may eventually slow down your computer.
  • The Registry Editor isn’t particularly easy to use, and there are more than a few settings that you don’t want to mess with unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Feature, each person who uses this PC gets to see her own desktop picture, email account, files, and so on. The desktop returns in Windows 10 as everybody’s starting place. It’s once again the first thing you see after you log in.

To make sure that’s the case, open the file explorer and right-click on This PC. Now, select Properties. Indeed, it’s often the first solution that is recommended for most of our electronic woes. Select the process that’s occupying the most of CPU’s memory space and click on End Task. I also noticed the nodejs processes too even though they do not take that much. Oh yes and the other thing I turned off was, “Enable mouse click to perform Go to Definition” Also of the Text Editor, General node of the visual studio 2019 options dialog. I had a similar today, the animated icon bottom left is the key, lets you know if the app is up to something in the “background”, in my case it was live code analysis. It took me about 30 mins to finish indexing all files in several projects.

Inside Out Security

Prior to making any attempt at repairing broken registry items, you should be sure there is a highly compelling reason to do so. Changes to the registry have the potential to render a computer completely inoperable, requiring a complete reinstallation of Windows.

What causes High CPU Usage by msmpeng.exe?

Now test the state of your computer and see how it performs. You can open Task Manager again and check the CPU usage percentage.

Just be careful not to close any processes that are necessary to keep your PC running smoothly. Your first solution is preventing unnecessary programs/processes from booting up with your computer. Not only will this ensure lower processor usage, but your computer might also boot up much faster.

This is the pass we boot from install media and start the Windows Setup, which copies the OS Image to the local drive and prepares the system to boot from the local industry. Below is the schematic representation showing the configuration passes through which the Windows Setup process handles the OS installation .

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